About MyCollegeRoadMaps

A comprehensive system that constructs the college
admission process into a successful experience!


For starters, an accountability system that offers one-on-one guidance through the entire college admission process. From setting goals, tracking deadlines, and creating personalized and thorough checklists to ensure nothing is missed.

Peace of Mind

Create a peace of mind knowing your student will be guided and walked through the entire experience of applying for college, instead of stressed out and overwhelmed. Get personalized service by connecting with an actual educator for one to one advising.

Stay Updated

As a parent, and educator, I know how important is to be updated! Services include (optional) updated e-mails/texts to notifying parents (and students) of recent conversations/activities or even the fear of missing vital information.

“I can guarantee your student has a complete college choice
experience with all the help and assistance they need. “

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Overview Of Benefits

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What You Get
The Right Way
  • A Certified Independent College Consultant
  • An English teacher with a Masters Degree in Education
  • A College Preparatory/English Teacher who has graded thousands of essays
  • Someone who has taught writing and worked with High School - College level students.
  • Competitive pricing without add-on costs
  • All work is done one on one, no outsourcing
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What You Don't Get
The Wrong Way
  • A big company that doesn’t truly care for your student
  • Someone who has no interest in getting to know your student
  • A consultant that has never been a teacher, or had a career in education
  • Someone who has no idea what to expect in an academic arena
  • A cookie cutter system that forces your student into a systematic process
  • Work that is outsourced
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