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Learning How To Apply For College

A mandatory abandonment of free time and obsessions about checking deadlines leads to an unhappy household. Don’t create an unhappy household while your teen is learning how to apply for college! 

While students are learning how to apply for college, they are inundated with activities and demands. Some kids have part-time jobs after school; other play sports and some have leadership positions within their communities. There is an abundance of responsibilities placed on our youth and learning how to apply for college is among one of the top stressors. Senior year places endless demands on our kids. Like starting a new school year, learning about new classes and new teachers. All the while, they need to complete their GRAD PACK, schedule senior picture, and create their senior add for the yearbook.

Along the way, they also need to make sure they have met all graduation requirements, obtain a copy of the latest transcript, and meet with guidance counselors!  If they need recommendation letters, hurry up! Teachers have deadlines and will sometimes limit the number of letters they write.  Take and retake the standardized tests and make sure to report your scores timely. Meanwhile, visit all the college nights and don’t forget to take notes and ask the right questions. Fit in the college tours you didn’t get to do over the summer, and be sure to complete all schoolwork in a perfect manner, as GPA’s need to stay strong or colleges will withdraw offers if they slack.

Whew! Learning how to apply for college can be overwhelming!

No wonder stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high with our teenagers.  The pressure is reaching its peak and is simply too much for the kids to handle on their own. Learning how to apply for college means they must manage their time accordingly and seek some help!

Did you know? One of the most common problems college admission counselors say is that the greatest mistakes are made under pressure, and will even admit that when kids submit items past 11 pm at night, they are typically littered with mistakes. Teens also love to seek advice and talk about their applications and their essays. The worst thing a student can do is make several revisions based on what their peers say! Or take advise from someone who is not a seasoned writer. Writing the essay is tough and kids need a qualified English teacher, someone who knows how to write, someone who has had tiresome conversations with college admission counselors on what they look for, and what are the best strategies. Someone who has graded literally thousands of student essays.

The feedback doesn’t need to be overwhelming when it comes from one source. A source that knows exactly how to customize a package and accountability program that will lead to the perfect checklist for your student. Call MYCOLLEGEROADMAPS today!

Parents want to help teach their students how to apply for college!

The reason why so many parents write the essays is that they cannot get their kids to write a darn thing.  I get it! Learning to how to apply for college can seem like a full-time job!

I am an English teacher and an astute reader. I can tell the difference between the prose of a 17-year-old girl and a 51-year-old man. So don’t, I beg my students, let your parents write your essays or personal statements for you. They need to sound like a teenager, and last time I checked; only a teenager can sound like a teenager. They are not perfect and neither is their vocabulary! They express themselves differently than adults.

Beware! There are dangers in the good intentions our teens are up against. If the essay is bad, normally they didn’t write it and they weren’t passionate about the topic. When essays are the best, and I mean they soar, it is when the parent or an adult has not touched it, fixed it, or changed the vocabulary. There is a special way to edit and revise an essay that doesn’t steal the teenage brain from the wording.

Hire MYCOLLEGEROADMAPS for a refreshed feeling with less stress for everyone in the household. They will write an essay that makes them proud, and due dates are never missed. MYCOLLEGEROADMAPS will hold your student’s hand as they are learning how to apply to college.

The application and all that it encompasses is just the first step in a long college journey ahead, regardless of where you accept, there is work to be done before we get that awaited prize at the end of the application road. The acceptance letter.

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