Does the college search have you stressed out?

College acceptance! Easy, right? Apply, get accepted and go…well not anymore! Did you know the Census Bureau states that within each generation, the college graduation rate increases by 25%? With each year that passes, the bar is raised, the stakes are higher and more and more kids are getting rejected. Yes, rejected! And these are smart kids, kids who actually want to get an education. The stress level is so high for our youth applying to college, that things are getting out of hand! Our very own State Universities are rejecting our kids at such a rapid speed that students are forced to explore a variety of schools. The application checklist of things to do, deadlines to meet and essays to write is an overwhelming task. A task that leads most people to hire help!

Should I pick a major? What if my essay isn’t the exact word count required? What is early admission? What does it really mean to be deferred? Should I apply for summer or fall term? Should I apply for housing before I am even accepted? Should I put my weighted or un-weighted GPA on the application?

Questions like this and many more plague the minds of students and parents alike. Hiring a personalized college consultant to help is the answer. Forget about big companies with lots of overhead costs and get the hand holding and personal relationship that your student needs with

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